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With the world without end income inequality in our nation, opportunities to an Education for marginalized children, teeters on the edge of illiteracy. One may argue that the educated ones have created more ruins to the economy than save it; but if we do not invest in what’s lacking, our communities will continue to suffocate us. EQUATE is you and I.

 – Education – 

At EQUATE, we are strong believers in the adage “Education is the key to giving every child an equal opportunity in life. No child should be left behind in economic recovery and we should use our strengthening economy to become a leader in the provision of world-class education and skills.”

We provide opportunities for the most vulnerable and marginalized groups/individuals in various communities to attend quality education so as to project a better and sustainable future.

In advocating for equal access to education, we identify children whose access to education has been hindered by various life circumstances that are barely their own doing. Circumstances like Gender based violence that has been proven to be an enabler of denying education to girl-children. 

There is another category of children; those whose stay in school is wobbly, due to their parent’s financial constraints or neglect.

Much as we have highlighted girls who are denied access to education because of the Gender based violence they are subjected to, we do cater for the boy-child too. We believe in a world in which both genders are equally educated.

Children under this program/specialty are provided with all that is needed for them to acquire quality education, right from scholastic materials to uniforms to tuition (plus all the other fees required by the schools they or are yet to attend).

– Economic Empowerment –

For a sustainable future, our beneficiaries are equipped with skills and entrepreneurial education. We further avail support for small and medium scale businesses.

We seek to provide to support the marginalized persons to increase their income and living standards so that they are empowered to control their lives without the dependency on handouts.

Vocational training is the heart of this program and the beneficiaries include all the underprivileged in identified communities plus the children who are educated by EQUATE.

 – Feeding Program –

We run a humanitarian-based project, KARABO that facilitates and promotes wellbeing amongst the marginalized groups of people or individuals. Food stuff and clothing have been donated to those in need.

Between 2014 and 2019, we have managed to provide meal  for approximately 761 beneficiaries inclusive of clothes and other basic needs

– Awareness – 

For us to be able to achieve the various goals, mostly sustainability of the future, we took to raising awareness through holding dialogues in communities and schools on pressing issues in societies such as gender-based violence and mental illnesses, self-development, and everything in between.

The promotion of both human and children’s rights and advocating for the practice of equity makes our goals feasible.

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