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On February 1, 2021

The kids of today are tomorrow’s adult citizens. The future growth of our country is reflected through the quality of our present education system. Schools should stimulate curiosity in young impressionable minds and equip them with tools to become better human beings. The learning process is essential in moulding one’s personality and the way they handle situations in life. There has been plenty of changes in schools, brought by the shift from bookish knowledge to knowledge of life. People have accepted the idea of education being the key to well-rounded development. Education is no longer seen as a means to acquire certifications and monetary success in life. Education should ease the cultivation of a healthy thought process and develop our cognitive abilities. In today’s modern world, education is a basic human need after food, shelter and clothing. School education should focus on the following aspects:

Cognitive Aspect

Children are first exposed to the pool of knowledge at schools. Schools provide an opportunity for children to acquire knowledge on various subjects such as literature, maths, politics, history and many more subjects. All these fields contribute to the development of the thought process. Education, therefore, expands the world and existence of children coming from various cultural backgrounds.  

Physical Aspect

After conception, a child goes through various physical changes and development. In school, a child can channel his energy into more sociable avenues, unlike at home. Studies have shown that while in a familiar environment, a child is equipped to deal with sudden bursts of energy, then learns to be at his/her best behaviour when exposed to peers. Schools expose children to sports, that help them channel their energy into something productive

Social Aspect

Children also learn to socialize at school. Until children join a school, parents and immediate family members are the only people that interact with them. Familiarity is a breeding ground of stagnancy. Schools expose children to new ideas and their peers. Children get exposed to social practices such as friendship, participation, empathy and assistance, which are important in their adult life.

Overall Development

Schools have always be considered as places to learn historical events, solve mathematical problems or recite poems; however, in the modern-day children learn to go beyond the traditional way of learning. Schools teach children to develop their minds through the flexible curriculum, and curiosity is encouraged. Imagination is allowed to take its course, and the child is freed from the shackles of mental blocks. Playing and all-round curriculum leads to a well-developed mental system. Life is about learning. While we can learn certain things from our parents, schools expose children to various pools of knowledge, important for their growth. Schools are necessary for children to teach the workings of life. Education is the foundation of any society. It is responsible for the social, political and economic growth of the society. Growth of society depends on the quality of education that is being imparted. Schools play a critical role in the development of a nation’s future by facilitating the overall development of future citizens.

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The most difficult thing about school is having different classmates for nearly every year without changing schools. I often miss school because of unpaid school fees.



EQUATE is an acronym for EQUal Access To Education

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